Could car parks turn into hubs for renewable energy?

Am ambitious project could see car parking spaces in East Lindsey finding themselves underneath solar panels.

Coun Laura Stephenson, of Louth, raised the idea during Wednesday’s full council debate at Manby.

She told the meeting the proposed price increases would ‘penalise shoppers’ but surprised the room when she suggested East Lindsey District Council would be better served to explore the idea of solar panels over car parking spaces in a bid to create clean and sustainable energy.

Coun Tony Howard said the idea was a radical one, but one worth exploring in a bid to ‘do something a bit different’.

Portfolio holder for the economy, Coun Craig Leyland admitted the idea had some legs, but since little in the way of actual costing figures was put forward he was not able to promise anything more than the council investigating the possibility.

But Coun Terry Knowles of Grimoldby was not in favour of the idea. “Let’s get real,” he said.

Councillors voted to look into the idea in the future.