Could you give these goats a new home?

Could you rehome these goats?
Could you rehome these goats?

COULD you or your family offer a loving home to two friendly male goats?

The pair have lived at Woodthorpe Garden Centre, near Alford, for the past few years as a children’s attraction.

Unfortunately the garden centre can no longer keep them, and the owners are looking for readers who might be able to rehome them.

Over the years children have been able to buy food from the garden centre and feed the goats, but for now they’re happily living among the sheep at Woodthorpe Hall.

They are looking for a loving home, with space to roam around and a warm place to sleep at night.

Janet Stubbs, who is currently looking after them at Woodthorpe Hall, has appealed through the Leader for someone to step forward and take them in permamently.

“The goats would make great family pets,” she explained.

“We really want them to stay together.

“They just need a bit of space to roam around and plenty of food and water.

“They’re very friendly with children and other animals, they just need a permanent home.”

Two London scientists recently claimed to have discovered that goats are among an elite group of mammals like humans, bats and whales that can develop accents between those living among groups.

They are known to be one of the oldest species of domesticated animals, possibly from as far back as eight or 9,000 years ago.

They normally live up to around 18 years old.

Watch a video of the two goats in action on our website,

The two goats can be delivered to a new home in the local area free of charge.

If you think you might be able to rehome the goats, or want to find out more, call Janet Stubbs on 07733 213833. Watch a video of this story by clicking the link below.