Council candidates for May 5

THURSDAY May 5 will see voters across East Lindsey going to the polls to elect district, town and parish councillors for the next four years.

Here is the list of candidates for town council seats in Louth.

North Holme (three seats): Thomas Nelson-Smith (Lab); David Skinner; Laura Stephenson (Lab); Fran Treanor (Independent Louth Born).

Priory (three seats): Susan Locking (Ind); Trevor Marris (Ind); James Pocklington (Ind); Michael Wain (Ind).

St James’s (three seats - no contest): Andrew Leonard (Ind); Margaret Ottaway (Con); Pauline Watson (Con).

St Margaret’s (three seats - no contest): Christopher Green (Con); Gus Robertson; Jack Wood (Lab).

St Mary’s (three seats - no contest): Brian Burnett (Ind); Jill Makinson-Sanders (Ind); David Wing (Louth Independent).

St Michael’s (three seats - no contest): Eileen Ballard (Ind); George Horton; Keith Sharp (Ind).

Trinity (three seats): Gill Burton (Louth Ind); Paul Burton (Louth Ind); Fabian Coonghe; Roger Featherstone (Lab); John Gains.

l District council candidates in next week’s leader.