Council to prosecute farm owner over nuisance smells

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East Lindsey District Council is to prosecute the owner of Southfield Farm, Legbourne Road, Louth, after failure to comply with a notice to manage odours at the farm. In July 2010, ELDC served an Abatement Notice on the farm stating that the odours escaping must not be sufficient enough to cause a nuisance to nearby properties.

In the years since, ELDC has received 157 complaints from residents and recorded 19 separate breaches of the notice.

The Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Steve O’Dare, said: “We have tried to work with the owner to advise on measures to prevent smells causing a nuisance to neighbouring properties and businesses but this has not proven possible in this case. As a result we have built up a sizable case showing numerous breaches.

“We now have no other option than to take formal court action over these breaches to try and ensure that the issue is rectified, the terms of the notice are complied with and smell from the farm does not continue to blight the lives of those people living nearby.

“The Council has a duty, where evidence of continuing nuisance is found, to take action to support local residents whose lives are affected by this problem. As can be seen in this case, we will resort to prosecution if necessary.”

ELDC served a summons on farm owner Andrew Laughton. An initial hearing will take place at 10am on April 2 at Boston Magistrates Court.

Each offence carries a maximum fine of £20,000.