Council urged to ‘show they mean business’ as skate park dream for Louth moves closer

The skate park could be built at the Meridian Leisure Centre.
The skate park could be built at the Meridian Leisure Centre.

Louth Town Council have been given the chance to ‘show they mean business’ as the prospect of a skate park for youngsters in Louth finally looks to be nearing reality.

John Andrews, a founder of Louth skate park campaign group XSports addressed the council at their meeting on April 16, revealing that the project was almost ready for ‘the planning stage’.

He asked the town council whether they would consider taking on the skate park which would be built at the Meridian Leisure Centre, a suggestion met with lukewarm approval on the night.

“All we’re interested in is getting the skate park quickly for the children of Louth,” he told the chamber.

XSports inherited a long-running campaign to bring a skate park to Louth in 2008, taking the baton from the former Louth Extreme Sports Association which launched in 2001.

Councillor Trevor Marris said the council needed much more detail on the project before councillors could consider adopting it.

He also asked whether XSports had managed to access a sum of £1,700 which had been raised for the skate park before, which Mr Andrews said he hadn’t yet been able to do.

“This is excellent news, for many years it was on the cards,” said Coun George Horton.

“The town council has always been criticised: ‘You don’t to anything’. We need to take this on board and show the people of Louth that we’re prepared to stand up and do something.

“The council needs to show the people of Louth that we do mean business.”

Coun Neil Ward wished XSports well with the project. “The kids of Louth deserve this,” he said.

Praise also came from Coun Margaret Ottaway who said: “Those on the town council in 1997 will recall that that was when this all started.

“Mr and Mrs Andrews took this on when nobody else would.”

Coun Andrew Leonard was doubtful however. “Our financial reserves and manpower is miniscule compared to East Lindsey,” he said.

“We have always been for this,” Coun Eileen Ballard insisted.

Coun Pauline Watson labelled the long delay in bringing a skate park to Louth as ‘ridiculous’.

“There’s been a lot of messing about, generations have been lost,” she said.

Coun Horton urged the council to move quickly to adopt the project. “We always seem to wait and wait, now we’ve started to light the fire let’s make sure we get it going,” he declared.

The council voted to form a working group of Couns Laura Stephenson, Andrew Austin, George Horton, Chris Green, Jill Makinson-Sanders and Jack Wood, who will explore the project further before a decision is made on how to proceed.