Councillor’s poppy tribute to Louth’s war heroes

Alexandra Sturman and Jill Makinson-Sanders. (Photo: James Makinson-Sanders)
Alexandra Sturman and Jill Makinson-Sanders. (Photo: James Makinson-Sanders)

Louth could never rival the Tower of London and its iconic display of ceramic poppies, but the town has celebrated the fallen in a distinctive way inspired by it.

Town and District councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders, whose great-grandfather and grandfather both served alongside fellow Ludensians in the First World War, wanted to do something to celebrate the 209 people from Louth who lost their lives in the 1914-18 campaign.

Using poppies knitted by the Louth Knitters and Natters group, run by Richard and Julie Speed, she made a knitted version of the London ceramic display. They were put into place in the gardens of the Almshouses on Sunday morning and will remain there until the weekend.

On Tuesday, Remembrance Day itself, she read the names of the 209 to commemorate those who did not come home to the town again.

“My forefathers were lucky enough to survive but their comrades from Louth were not,” she said.

“I thought as a community we should celebrate in a special way those who gave their lives for us at this 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war. These beautifully knitted poppies have a really resonant colour which somehow glows.

“It took me some time to make the 209, but I hope it will bring pleasure to people and make them think about each of them who left Louth to fight for their country, never to return.”