Councillor wants end to ‘dangerous’ traffic chaos in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea

Parking in George Street, Mablethorpe on a busy Monday morning.
Parking in George Street, Mablethorpe on a busy Monday morning.

A TOWN councillor is urging local authorities to work together to help end ‘dangerous’ traffic chaos in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea.

Coun Steve Palmer, of Sutton on Sea, says the towns can be ‘bunged up’ and illegal parking is causing frustration and danger to motorists and pedestrians.

He raised the item at Mablethorpe Town Council’s latest community amenities meeting.

“The whole thing needs to be looked at. We need to find solutions. Mablethorpe in particular can get bunged up,” he said.

“People are parking badly and inconsiderately, but at the same time the road markings need to be more defined and perhaps the district council’s free parking in their car parks could be extended to get people to park away from the streets.

“It’s causing frustration and danger and I’m concerned someone will be knocked over.

“The authorities and police need to work together as it can be very chaotic, there are places in town where everytime a bus stops it causes a blockage.”

Lincolnshire County Council have already applied to take over car parking enforcement from Lincolnshire Police and hope to do so by the autumn.

An East Lindsey District Council spokesman said of the free parking suggestion: “We are currently reviewing car parking arrangements in East Lindsey and will feed this suggestion into that review.”

Projects manager at the county council, Graeme Butler, said: “We are refreshing the signage showing traffic restrictions in Mablethorpe and several other places in readiness for taking on CPE powers later this year.

“This will make it absolutely clear to motorists where they shouldn’t park. We want to do all we can to keep traffic moving safely, helping to reduce congestion and supporting local shops with restricted parking bays outside. Check for signs and lines before you park and you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

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