Councillors’ attendance stays high at Louth Town Council


Councillors’ attendance at Louth Town Council meetings for the 2013/14 year has remained high, with an average of 82 per cent attendance.

Two representatives, Councillor David Hall and former Mayor Councillor David Wing, had a 100 per cent record, having attended all 25 of the fortnightly town council meetings.

Councillors Sue Locking, Chris Green, Jill Makinson-Sanders, Roger Featherstone, Margaret Ottaway and new mayor Andrew Leonard all attended more than 90 per cent of Town Council meetings.

Some councillors did not achieve higher attendance due to commitments with the East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, or other civic duties.

The anomaly to the high attendance was Councillor Jack Wood, with 32 per cent, although he said this was due to ill-health and his role as a carer.