Councillors welcome plans for new leisure park on edge of Louth

An image showing how part of the new swimming pool complex could look. Photo: Tanglewood Leisure/ELDC
An image showing how part of the new swimming pool complex could look. Photo: Tanglewood Leisure/ELDC

Councillors in Louth have given a lukewarm welcome to plans for a holiday complex including over 100 log cabins and a swimming pool on land on the northern edge of the town.

Boston-based Tanglewood Leisure has put forward detailed plans for the development on the 23 acre Brackenborough lawn site off the A16, with a reduced number from 137 to 120 lodges.

Speaking at the Louth Town Council meeting on August 6, a number of members raised concerns about the nearby traffic infrastucture.

Coun Andrew Leonard, the deputy mayor, said the proposals would ‘only exaggerate what is an existing problem’ on the road.

The road is currently a 60mph limit, and Lincolnshire County Council is already considering reducing that to 50mph after countless accidents in recent years including a fatal crash in December 2012 just yards from where the new development would be built.

The applicant already has outline planning permission for the build, with consent for works to start on the project in advance of a range of road safety measures which will include a pedestrian refuge and two bus laybys, plus a footway/cycleway link from the site.

According to the developer, the new holiday cottage site would be a ‘small high-quality retreat for short or longer breaks in peaceful and attractive surroundings’, and would bring 54,000 visitors to Louth, creating 33 new jobs.

Coun Pauline Watson said safety on the A16 was paramount when dealing with such an application.

“It’s a necessity, we need to make sure it’s done with that condition,” she told the meeting.

She said a section 106 agreement with the developer would be too ‘softly softly’ in this case, but was advised by town clerk Linda Blankley that Tanglewood had already agreed to the road safety improvements.

Councillors voted in favour of supporting the application, and a final decision will be made by East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee in the coming months.