County council continues to fight fraud


Lincolnshire authorities are getting smarter and more effective at fighting fraud.

Having already identified more than a million pounds of incorrect or fraudulent payments, councils will be continuing to crackdown on this crime.

Lucy Pledge Audit and Risk Manager at Lincolnshire County Council said:

“Lincolnshire councils are working together to tackle fraud by pooling resources and information, and taking a zero tolerance to all forms of fraud, corruption and theft.

“Over the coming months, proactive investigations will be underway to ensure that facilities like disabled parking badges go to people who really need them as well as identifying fraudulent claims for council tax discounts and identifying where business rates haven’t been paid.”

Councils will also be benefitting from further training to ensure staff are more alert to where the key fraud risks are, as well as how to report suspected fraud, corruption and bribery.

Lucy said: “Every pound stolen by fraudsters is a pound less that we can spend on front line services to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Reports from members of the public are vital to prevent fraud and prevent taxpayers’ money being wasted.”

If you suspect fraud against a Lincolnshire council, please report it to the confidential hotline on 0800 0853716 or

Residents need to tell their local council if their personal circumstances change whilst receiving benefits. Failure to disclose this could be considered fraud. Local councils can also help if people are uncertain about the benefits they are entitled to or how to claim them correctly.