Covenham dog groomer Adrian’s scissor skill secures bronze placing

Covenham dog groomer Adrian's scissor skill secures bronze placing.
Covenham dog groomer Adrian's scissor skill secures bronze placing.

A Covenham-based dog groomer has cut among the best of the best to secure third place at the Premier Dog Grooming Championships.

Adrian Long has entered several contests across the country over the last couple of years - but this was his first time competing at the highest level champions class at the contest which took place at Stonely near Coventry on August 9.

Commenting on the recent competition, Adrian explained: “This was my first time in competition being part of the top champions class in the purebreed scissor category - so I didn’t have a clue what to expect.

“I found it an honour just to be part on this class, being judged along the very best. When I found out I had placed first, I was really surprised that I had done so well.

“It was a great experience to be apart of and I am now looking forward to improving my skills for the next contest.”

Adrian competed with Bozley who is a one-and-half-year-old Bouvier Des Flandres dog.

He also took along Lexi, who is also one -and-half and an old English Sheepdog.

She is new to competing and is a dog which Adrian rescued.

“It was great to take Lexi along for the experience too. She wasn’t part of the competition, but I did groom her on the day anyway- hopefully we can put her in to compete in October.”