Crews attend kitchen fire after ‘food left in microwave too long’

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue
Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue

Three fire crews attended the scene of a kitchen fire yesterday (Monday) after food was accidentally left in a microwave for too long.

The incident, in Wellington Road, Mablethorpe, was reported shortly after 2.30pm.

A Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue spokesman said: “Mablethorpe, Alford and Louth fire crews went to Wellington Road to reports of a kitchen fire.

“Crews found light heat damage to a microwave and severe fire damage to the contents of the microwave.

“This was accidentally caused by occupier leaving food in the microwave for too long.

“The occupier isolated the heat source prior to arrival, then Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue used a positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fan to clear the smoke from the premises.”

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