Crime rate down as police tighten belts

LINCOLNSHIRE Police have hailed a crime reduction of nearly 15 per cent in the past year, at the same time keeping the force as the cheapest per heard of population (£171 per year) in the country.

The force say there were therefore 1,722 fewer victims across the county as a result of this crime rate reduction.

A spokesman said: “Relentless efficiency drives and partnership with the private sector has seen the leanest force in the country become leaner, whilst improving performance.”

But the force also announced that a drop in officers from 1,208 to 1,114 and confirmed that further reductions would be needed to bridge a £3.5million shortfall in funding.

“Of the 1114 officers we currently have, only 23, including the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable, do not have a significant crime fighting component to their work,” they added.