15 cannabis plants were discovered by police in caravan in Alvingham

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When police searched a compound at Alvingham, they found 15 cannabis plants growing in a caravan, Skegness Magistrates Court has been told.

Michael Caine, 41, of St Michaels Road, Louth, admitted being involved in the production of cannabis at Lock Road, Alvingham, on May 29 last year.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said police searched the compound, which is controlled but not owned by Caine.

He said that they found the cannabis in a small caravan with some professional growing equipment and Caine was arrested.

He told police that two or three weeks before, two men from Sheffield had come to stay in the caravan and had asked him if he minded if they grow some cannabis for their own use.

He told them it was all right and he provided them with some lighting equipment, but took no part in the actual cultivation of the cannabis.

In defence, Sacha Waxman said the caravan was one of several occupied caravans in a large compound.

She said Caine had his business there and he kept an eye on what was going on there on behalf of the owners, but he had no proprietary interest in the compound.

She said the two men had approached him and he sold them the lighting equipment which he had bought three or four years before from a police auction.

Ms Waxman said Caine had no involvement in the production of the cannabis and the police only knew about it because Caine told them.

The magistrates told Caine they believed he had only ‘minimal involvement’ and gave him a conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered him to pay £85 in costs.