Call for action over East Lindsey’s ‘irresponsible’ fly tippers

Fly tipping in Louth.
Fly tipping in Louth.

A Louth councillor insists more needs to be done to tackle fly tippers who are potentially damaging the image of the area around the town.

Councillor George Horton, speaking during the public forum part of the Louth Town Council meeting on February 12, said he feared East Lindsey District Council were not doing enough to tackle the issue of fly tipping.

“It’s very bad within the district, I would have thought the district council would be clamping down on it,” he said.

“Nothing seems to be done about it, it’s a disgrace, and it brings down the standards of our town and our district.”

Coun Margaret Ottaway agreed, she said: “It’s the same problem that we’ve been having with the irresponsible dog owners in Louth.

“We’ve got to have the help of the public.”

Coun Eileen Ballard suggested, where rubbish was being dumped near to refuse sites, that it was a lack of education that was causing the problems.

“Perhaps people drive all the way to the tip and find it’s closed, maybe they don’t realise they are fly tipping,” she said, before adding: “I’m not sticking up for them.”

District and county councillor Pauline Watson maintained ELDC were taking the issue seriously.

“People have been found guilty and have been dealt with, it is being addressed,” she told the meeting.

“I do believe it’s potentially a criminal offence,” Coun Andrew Leonard said.

“They (fly tippers) should be prosecuted.”

ELDC’s portfolio holder for the environment, Coun Tony Bridges, told the Leader: “The district council takes the issue of fly tipping very seriously and where hard evidence is available as to who is responsible action is taken.

“Over the past year there has been a significant increase in the number of fly tips in East Lindsey and the council continues to work proactively to tackle the issue.

“If local people know of anyone who has fly tipped or is fly tipping, I would encourage them to let the council know and we will take action where there is conclusive evidence.”