Convicted drug dealers ordered to hand back assets of £17,000

A drug dealer caught in a major police operation against trafficking has been ordered to hand over assets of £17,000 following a hearing on Friday at Lincoln Crown Court.

Timothy Louth, 30, who was jailed for nine years at a previous hearing, will face an extra 10 months jail sentence if he does not produce the money within the next six months.

Louth, of Bleak House Farm, Wyberton, was ruled to have benefited by £150,000 from his drug dealing activities.

Judge Michael Heath ordered the confiscation of a total of £8,000 from nine other men convicted alongside Louth.

Simon Godwin, 39, of Quarry Road, Louth, and Rashpal Singh, 33, of Hyne Avenue, Bradford, each had £2,000 assets confiscated with the other men having smaller amounts taken from them.

Confiscation hearings involving two further men were adjourned until next year.

Fifteen men convicted as a result of Lincolnshire Police’s Operation Atlanta received sentences totalling 52 years when they appeared before the Crown Court earlier this year.