Could you become a special constable in Louth?

Volunteers who can offer that little bit extra to their community and become the next wave of special constables in Louth are being sought.

Becoming a volunteer special constable is a great way for you to make a difference in your area, whilst at the same time developing your personal skills and experiences.

Steve Woodcock, special chief officer, who oversees the development of the specials, explained: “As a Special Constable, there is a chance to meet people from a variety of backgrounds in an even wider range of situations.

“Officers learn much about human nature, teamwork, and increase their ability to cope with the unexpected.”

Special constables are part of the local policing team, and voluntarily work alongside officers of the regular force, and with other experienced specials.

Training on appointment involves an induction course at the force headquarters, followed by an ongoing training programme delivered on a local basis.

To be eligible for appointment as a special constable, applicants must be aged over 18 years.

To find out more go along to the recruiting drop-in event at Louth Police Station on Wednesday, February 9, with one session at 2pm and an alternate session at 3pm.