Don’t make your caravan an easy target for thieves

Police news.
Police news.

As the summer season nears its end, members of the Lincolnshire Coast’s Caravan Park Watch scheme will be working with owners to ensure their caravans are secure for the winter season and their risk of becoming a victim of crime is minimised.

Since the scheme was launched early in 2014, a number of policies and practices have been introduced which are contributing positively to reducing crime. These include the compulsory removal of valuable items from caravans and a new Information Sharing Agreement which allows police to share information about people known to be involved in burglaries.

Coast Inspector Andy Morrice said: “Our coastal area has one of the highest densities of caravans in Europe yet it is also one of the safest places to own a holiday home. Last winter period, we saw a 45% reduction in crime compared to the previous year’s closed season and the Caravan Park Watch scheme continues to go from strength to strength.

“We have shown that bringing together everyone involved in the industry, such as holiday parks, insurance companies, and caravan manufacturers, and forming a close working partnership with local police, outstanding success can be achieved for the benefit of the community, local businesses and the tourism economy”.