Ex-lover smashed Sutton on Sea woman’s car windows


A woman from Sutton on Sea had her car windows smashed after her ex-partner punched them following an argument.

Shaun Taylor, 23, of Edinburgh Avenue, Skegness, admitted damaging the windows when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Taylor and Deborah Stothard had been partners but had broken up when, on March 31, Ms Stothard returned to her home in Sutton on Sea and find Taylor. He said Taylor shouted abuse and punched two car windows, smashing them, and ran off. He said he texted later to apologise but Mr Wood told the judge Taylor then text her 23 times and Ms Stothard felt she needed a restraining order.

Mitigating, Andrea Wilkes said Taylor moved into a homeless shelter after the relationship with Ms Stothard ended. She said he received text messages from her winding him up, so he went to her home to talk, but was angry when they spoke and punched the windows.

She said he was in a new relationship and had no intention of contacting Ms Stothard. Judge Price imposed a 12-month conditional discharge, £38 compensation, £85 costs and granted a 12-month restraining order.