FEATURE Part Three: New operations team is becoming ‘effective’

Some of the vehicles on patrol.
Some of the vehicles on patrol.

The East Midlands Operations team, also known as EMOps, is a combination of four forces from across the region.

The Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire forces now share their resources in a bid to tackle a number of issues, ranging from major collisions and crimes, to anti-terrorist activities.

PC Shaun Gent has just recently renewed his anti-terrorism training.

PC Gent has a background in roads policing and he spent a number of years serving with Leicester Police.

He described the collaboration of the forces as ‘quite effective’.

Having started on May 5, 2015, he said it had not been without its ‘teething troubles’ but said the forces were ‘starting to find our feet’.

Problems included issues with different 
systems and methods being streamlined to find best practice.

He praised, however, the move towards taking people out of ‘specialisms’ and training them in a ‘variety of skills’ to make them more effective in general policing.

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