Increase in bicycle thefts

POLICE are working to combat the rising trend in bicycle thefts across Lincolnshire by targeting criminals with crime prevention tactics and enforcement action.

Bicycle owners will be able to have their bicycles electronically tagged at organised bike marking sessions.

The electronic devices enable the Police to trace owners via a national site should they be the victim of bike theft.

As the crime increases it is more important for owners to have basic security when leaving their bicycle whether at home or in the public domain, police say.

As a basic minimum, your bike should be ‘property coded’ and you should invest in a sold secure approved bicycle lock.

Criminals are increasingly carrying equipment that enables them to cut through basic bicycle locks or remove padlocks.

Always secure your bicycle to a robust structure such as a lamp post or bicycle rack, and choose a site which is well lit, visible to members of the public and if possible in view of a CCTV camera. Remember to secure your bicycle when you get home to a robust structure or locked shed.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be carrying out extra patrols across the county using their stop and search powers to check that bicycles are with the correct owner.

In addition to this, trap bicycles will be placed in various locations that have a tracking device and will be deployed to enable criminals to be traced back to their storage locations for stolen bikes.

If you have been the victim of cycle crime and not reported details of your bicycle, please ring 101 and give details so that Officers can check if yours has been recovered.

Check with your local Neighbourhood Policing Team by ringing 101 or visit to see if there is a property-marking event near you and obtain a free passport to record your bicycles unique details.