Land Rover theft attempts near Louth could be linked

Two attempted thefts of Land Rovers near Louth, and another near Lincoln could be linked, according to police.

On Tuesday, October 16, owners of a property in Station Road, Ludborough, disturbed three people attempting to steal their Land Rover out of the garage.

This happened close to midnight and the Land Rover was badly damaged during the incident, it is believed the thieves were trying to hotwire the vehicle.

This could be linked to incident 111 of the Sunday night, which was another failed attempt at taking a Land Rover, this time from Church Lane in Tetney. Offenders again caused damage to the vehicle but did not manage to steal it.

Police also say they could be linked to incident 126 of October 12, the attempted theft of a Landrover in Dunholme, near Lincoln.

The offenders are described as wearing dark clothing but further details are not available as yet.

Police want to remind people to check and review the security of their property, including any outbuildings.

Further, if you have any information relating to any of these incidents, please contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 and quote the relevant incident number.