Lincolnshire Police praise for special group of constables

LINCOLNSHIRE Police have praised their band of Special Constables who carried out valuable and welcome work during the nationwide riots last week.

The 200-strong team of Special Constables in Lincolnshire performed 1491 hours of duty during the period of August 8 to August 15. They offered timely support in our local area when Lincolnshire Police sent many officers to London and Nottingham to help cope with the violent disorder.

Assistant Chief Constable Keith Smy was full of praise for the efforts of the Special Constables in recent times. He said: “I know I speak for all regular officers of the force when I say that the response from the Special Constabulary during this national mobilisation was most welcome.

“It is easy to take for granted the hundreds of hours a month that they routinely provide in service to the communities of Lincolnshire but this additional effort demonstrates the commitment and dedication of these selfless volunteers. I am very proud to be associated with them.”

Lincolnshire Police are keen to speak to anyone interested in joining the force as a Special Constable, particularly in rural parts of the county. Details of the application process can be found on the force’s website at