Lincolnshire Police warn about telephone scam targeting elderly residents

Police have today warned that a telephone scam is currently operating in Lincolnshire.

Elderly persons have been contacted by telephone, a male suspect states he is a Police officer with an offender in custody, in possession of the victim’s bank cards.

The suspect caller asks the victim which bank they are a member of, to contact the bank and cancel the cards immediately.

The suspect caller will keep the telephone line open and then act as a member of the bank, asking for personal details and PIN number.

A courier is then sent to the victim’s home to collect bank cards, which have been used immediately using the PIN given. Cash withdrawls have been made as well as bank transactions.

This scam has taken place around the UK. Lincolnshire appears to be being targeted currently, six incidents have recently been reported to Lincolnshire Police.

If you receive a similar telephone call requesting personal bank details/PIN, DO NOT give any information. Please contact Lincolnshire Police immediately, Tel 101 (non emergency) or 999 in an emergency.