Lincolnshire Police warning over latest phone scam

POLICE are urging people to be on their guard against a new phone scam.

The scam sees criminals posing as Ministry of Justice officials, informing the victim that they are owed a large amount of cash from a loan taken out previously with inappropriately sold insurance.

The victim is then told they need to buy a £150 U-Cash voucher from a Co-op store which will act as a deposit for the compensation service and that someone will collect the voucher in exchange for their cash.

The criminals then call again soon after and inform the victim that the voucher cannot be collected and they ask for the voucher code instead, enabling them to steal the £150.

Lincolnshire Police say anyone receiving a call of this nature should hang up the phone immediately and report it to them as soon as possible.

Call Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.