Lincolnshire Police warns over premium line phone scammers

Photo by David Cheskin/PA Wire.
Photo by David Cheskin/PA Wire.

Lincolnshire Police has warned residents to beware after a number of local scamming incidents involving premium line phone numbers.

The scammer rings a number and disconnects when a resident picks it up.

When the victim then rings the number back to find out who called they are then charged a large premium rate.

“We have received a report of telephone calls being made in Lincolnshire from premium rate telephone numbers,” said a police spokesperson.

“Please do not return any telephone calls from numbers that you do not recognise if the call has been disconnected before any verbal contact has been made.

“Numbers starting with 074 or 075 should be treated with caution.

“You may not be aware of the charges until you receive your next telephone bill,” they added.

To report or gain further details on current scams, contact Action Fraud at or ring 0300 123 2040.