Louth man, 32, jailed for sex offences

Jailed: Jamie Lee Tye.
Jailed: Jamie Lee Tye.

A Louth man has been sent to prison after pleading guilty to several sex offences.

Jamie Lee Tye, 32, formerly of Normandy Close, Louth, was sentenced yesterday (Monday) at Lincoln Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to exposing himself to a boy, three counts of making class A indecent images, and breach of a sexual harm prevention order.

Tye was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Nicola Paradowski, of Louth CID, said: “It doesn’t make up for what he has done but I hope that today’s result goes some way to reassure the community that justice has been served.

“It sends a clear message that this abusive and damaging crime will not be tolerated and it will be punished.

“We know the courage that it takes a victim to speak up, and I hope that this shows we will investigate robustly and meticulously.”