Mablethorpe man, 40, sentenced after being drunk and disorderly

Court news
Court news

A man who was arrested in Mablethorpe after behaving aggressively towards his parents, told a court he had ‘struggled with alcohol for years’ and had even given up his job and his home to try and stop drinking.

Jonathon Richard Sharpe, 40, of Kingsley Road, Mablethorpe, who admitted being drunk and disorderly in High Street at 9pm on October 25, was said to have been repeatedly told by police to go on his way and not go back to his parent’s home, but he was aggressive and kept trying to return before he was eventually arrested.

Sharpe told the magistrates he had ‘struggled with alcoholism for years’ and had left his home and job in Derbyshire to live back with his parents and get help.

He said that this incident was the only one in nine weeks of not drinking but he had taken what he thought was a ‘cheeky drink’ and it had ‘ended up as a three day bender’. He said he was now getting treatment from his GP.

He was fined £100 and ordered to pay £117 in costs and charges.