Mablethorpe OAP is targeted by card fraud crooks

Val Corkell.
Val Corkell.

A MABLETHORPE pensioner was ‘disgusted’ when she found that her bank card had been cloned and used to withdraw over £300 from as far away as Australia and America.

Val Corkell, who retired to Mablethorpe five years ago, found that her money had been taken when she withdrew cash from an ATM and her receipt stated she was in debt.

She returned home and checked her bank online, only to find transactions had taken place from her account from the other side of the globe.

Val has since been fully refunded with interest after swift work from Lincolnshire Police and the fraud squad at her bank, Nationwide.

It’s likely Val’s card was ‘skimmed’, a tactic where criminals attach a device to an ATM which records the details. The thieves were able to then use this to withdraw money elsewhere.

Val said: “When I saw my balance was in the minus I was flabbergasted. I checked online straight away and saw how much had been taken out of my account from the other side of the world. I knew it wasn’t me as I don’t even have a passport!

“But I’m just grateful I saw it early and also that I had my husband Derek who could help until my money was returned. A lot of people would have really struggled in the same situation.

“I told other people and was surprised to see how many other people the same thing had happened to in Mablethorpe.”

Val continued: “I felt sick afterwards, I was disgusted. I don’t think very much of the people who did it, there are legal ways to earn money and many people are in the same boat but don’t steal from others.”

Lincolnshire Police advise that cash machine users choose ATM’s where there are nearby CCTV cameras, as well as inspecting machines for signs of tampering before using them to withdraw money. It is also vital to cover your PIN to ensure it cannot be seen by hidden cameras or passers by.

“I’ll definitely be more careful in future,” Val concluded.