Man attacked off-duty police officer at Louth Co-op store

A 21-year-old Grimsby area man, who attacked a store manager and on off-duty police officer after he was detained for shoplifting in a Louth supermarket, has been sent to prison.

Kenneth Rory Breaker, of Peaks Lane, New Waltham, admitted stealing four packets of Gillette razor blades, valued at £38, from the Co-op store in Northgate, as well as damaging a cctv system and assaulting the manager and police officer with intent to resist arrest on February 28, when he appeared before District Judge Toms at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Breaker, who was with another man, was seen taking the razor blades by the store manager and then leaving without paying.

He and another manager stopped Breaker and, with the assistance of an off-duty police officer who was present, took him to an office.

Breaker became abusive and was swearing at them.

The store manager, Steven Coulson, led the second man away from the office leaving Breaker alone with the police officer, PC Deborah Addison.

While he was out, Breaker started damaging the cctv equipment in the office and then tried to get away and started struggling with and kicking the officer, who was trying to stop him damaging the equipment.

Mr Coulson returned to the office and Breaker spat at him, swore at him and tried to bite him, saying: “You’ve got no cctv.”

Defending, Gary Farmer said Breaker was in drink and went into the Co-op to get more alcohol but took the razor blades on the spur of the moment.

He said Breaker could not remember damaging the cctv or kicking out.

The District Judge told Breaker he had decided to put up a fight and at that point had gone ‘way over the line’.

“You have an appalling record for theft and failing to comply with orders,” she told him.

Breaker was sentenced to 16 weeks in custody for each of the assaults as well as four weeks each for the theft and damage, all to be served concurrently.