Police appeal over Alford electric fence units theft

Police news.
Police news.

Lincolnshire Police have appealed for information after thieves stole two electric power units for electric fencing from a field in the Farlesthorpe area of Alford.

The theft occurred sometime overnight between 7pm and 6.30am on September 13.

“If you are offered any such units for sale, please contact us on 101 quoting ‘incident number 105 of September 13’,” said a police spokesperson.

They urged farmers in the area to take precautions to prevent themselves from also falling victim to the thieves.

“Advice at this time is to securely clamp the batteries and energisers within a box of some sort, cement the energiser into a ground lump that makes them harder to lift and walk away with, possibly even incorporating a bike lock to wrap around the battery,” the spokesperson continued.

“Paint or otherwise mark the batteries and energisers with something that will make them more un-attractive along with name of owner stamped or otherwise marked upon them.

“Property marking pens are available for Police Headquarters on 01522 558146.

“Please keep a note of the make and model so we can circulate details,” they added.