Police find list of celebrities and politicians at home of Mablethorpe man who went out armed with a pistol and knife

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Court news
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A man armed with a pistol and a knife was detained by door staff at a Mablethorpe bar, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Darryl McGarry arrived at Kai’s Bar in the early hours of the morning and spoke to the door staff about a cowboy hat that belonged to him.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the door staff were speaking with McGarry when a member of the public shouted that the defendant had a gun.

McGarry was then restrained against a wall and an air pistol was found in his pocket. McGarry also had pellets for the pistol, which was not loaded, and a lock knife.

When officers searched his home they discovered a list of names of politicians and celebrities. They also found a weapons list.

McGarry said he had the gun, which was classified as a firearm, as part of his cowboy outfit and carried the knife for protection.

McGarry, 27, of Quebec Road, Mablethorpe, admitted charges of possession of a firearm and possession of a bladed article as a result of the incident on September 4, 2014.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, defending, said that McGarry had learned a salutary lesson from the incident.

“He was wearing a cowboy hat and jeans. It might not have been the most impressive cowboy outfit but he had a pistol with him.”

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC, passing sentence told McGarry “This is real life. It is not a video game. It is not la la land. You have no right to be out on the streets with an air weapon and a knife.”

McGarry was given a two year community order with supervision.