Police stations could be closed

THE CHIEF Constable of Lincolnshire has raised the spectre of police stations being closed to save money.

Richard Crompton said: “The police service across the country is facing some tough choices regarding funding. Our main priority is to retain our police officer numbers so we are looking at all our budgets and spending, and this includes our buildings.

“The Police Authority are considering plans for managing our buildings and assets, but no definite decisions concerning changes have yet been made.

“The force and the Police Authority recognise the importance of local accessibility and if a police station was to close or be put forward for possible closure, it would do so only after a period of public consultation and then only once a viable alternative point of access was in place, such as a local library, post office or supermarket.

!There are a number police stations across the county, in the main the larger ones, known as Town Enquiry Offices, where staff are employed on reception desks. They are there to deal with members of the public and assist them with their problems and queries. Across the county there are a range of small police offices which aren’t open to the public.

“There are no plans to limit access to the regularly staffed police station enquiry desks.”