Police warn caravan owners after thieves target sites in Mablethorpe

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POLICE are warning caravan owners to take appropriate measures after a number of caravans in Mablethorpe were targeted by thieves.

Lincolnshire Police have reported that thieves have targeted flat screen TVs from caravans in the Quebec Road area in recent weeks.

The advice is to take TVs and other valuables home when not in the caravan, not just at the end of the season.

“Removing all valuable portable property from your caravan when it is unoccupied reduces the opportunity for thieves and this means removing it completely from the site and taking it home rather than storing it in sheds adjacent to the caravan,” said a police spokesman.

“It is better to leave curtains open so criminals can clearly see that there are no valuables to steal and Lincolnshire Police provide stickers for display in the window reinforcing the message that all items of worth have been removed.”

PC Andy Steeples, Lincolnshire Police’s Crime Reduction Officer for the coastal region, added: “If possible, look for sites that display the ‘Secure by Design’ logo, indicating that the site meets with stringent security standards and that measures such as closed circuit TV and private security patrols have been implemented.

“Consider the use of intelligent property marking systems such as Smartwater DNA which can link your holiday home to your main domestic residence.”