Police warn over cold call scammers

Police news.
Police news.

Police in Lincolnshire have warned the public not to give out any information to cold callers.

The appeal comes amid concerns over a growing number of reports of such scams across the UK.

And, although police in Lincolnshire are “not aware” of any new incidents in the local area, they are keen to ensure the public don’t fall victim to the scammers.

“The reports on the news relate to scams involving cold calls trying to convince people that their computer is going to crash unless the caller gets remote access to it to fix it,” said a police spokesperson.

“The advice for any scams is the same - if you are cold called and someone is trying to get your bank details, bank card or PIN details then it will be a scam.

“Your bank will never ask you to divulge your details over the phone.

“Do not stay on the phone if they state they will pass you through to the bank. They can still be connected to the call.

“Hang up and ring on another phone or wait for the dial tone and always ring the number you have for your bank not one which they may pass over to you.

“If we can just keep getting the message across not to divulge details of bank accounts, cards or PINS over the phone to vulnerable people you know that will help to protect them irrespective of the variation of tactics and stories used,” they added.