South Ormsby man threatened to have wife murdered

A MAN who sent abusive texts to his former wife, admitted harassment when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Lester Paul Wilkinson, 43, of Park View, South Ormsby, was said to have pursued a course of conduct towards his ex-wife, Tara Whitmore, between April 4 and May 16, which amounted to harassment of her.

The court heard that Wilkinson and Ms Whitmore had been married for 24 years and had five children together.

They separated in February 2012 and were divorced in April.

Between April 4 and 12, he sent four abusive texts to her, which included a message calling her a ‘family wrecking whore’ and telling her to ‘rot in hell’.

On May 11 and 15, he sent her verbal messages through their 22-year-old son, threatening to have her murdered and have the brakes cut on her car and that he was going to ‘**** up her life’.

Wilkinson was warned by police on April 26 about the messages he was sending but he had sent voice messages since then.

The court was told that Ms Whitmore had been granted a non-molestation order against Wilkinson on May 22 which he broke by telephoning her on June 21 and for which he was fined.

It was said Ms Whitmore was ‘very frightened’ as she feared her brakes would be interfered with and was now taking medication for panic attacks.

In defence, Sascha Waxman said emotions had been ‘incredibly high’ at the time but things were now more amicable.

She said 90 per cent of his messages had been about having contact with the children, which he now had.

The magistrates said they believed Wilkinson had now sorted things out in his mind and knew that if he approached his ex-wife in the wrong way again, he’d be in trouble.

They imposed an 18 month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £85 in costs.