Suspended jail term for drug dealing mother

Court news
Court news

A Louth mother of two sold cocaine from her home, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Michaela Ireland was arrested in February after officers searched her property in the town and found 5.62g of the drug inside a handbag.

Christopher Geeson, prosecuting, said that a small amount of cocaine was discovered in a second handbag and a set of digital scales which contained traces of white powder was also found.

Ireland went on to confess that she was selling drugs and told officers she was put under pressure to carry on her ex-partner’s drug dealing operation after he was jailed.

Mr Geeson told the court “On her own admission she is a street dealer.”

Ireland, 48, of Broadley Crescent, Louth, admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply on February 12. She was given an 18-month jail sentence suspended for two years with 12-months supervision.

Gordon Holt, defending, said that Ireland was a drug user and had no idea that her then partner was selling drugs until he was arrested.

“He was sent to jail. She was left with a drug addiction and with pressure from his supplier who was insisting she pay off his debts.

“She agreed to the suggestion put to her that she should carry on where he left off and she was given a list of names.”

Mr Holt said that since her arrest Ireland had stopped taking drugs and is now receiving help for mental health problems.

He added that Ireland had no previous convictions for any drugs offences and told the court “This defendant is a world away from what you imagine the typical drug dealer to be.”