‘Thoughtless’ vandals leave huge repair bill for Hubbard’s Hills

Trustees Andrew Leonard and Jill Makinson-Sanders assess the damage to the bridge.
Trustees Andrew Leonard and Jill Makinson-Sanders assess the damage to the bridge.

The cost of repairing a bridge at Hubbard’s Hills after vandals struck could run into thousands, according to trustees of the beauty spot.

As reported on our website a group of youngsters described as being aged ‘11 or 12’ by a witness wreaked havoc on the site in Louth last Tuesday, May 21.

The bridge near to the stepping stones was broken up and smashed glass was strewn around the site leaving it looking far from its usual best ahead of the busy Bank Holiday weekend.

The Hubbard’s Hills trustees say the bridge has had to be closed on safety grounds and they are anticipating a large bill to have it repaired.

“It is such a shame that a small group have spoilt the enjoyment of so many people who look forward to bringing their families to the Hills, particularly with the weather being so nice over the holiday period,” said Hills Trust chairman Andrew Leonard.

“The local police have been very quick off the mark to help track down the young people who did the damage and we are very grateful for their help.

“The police are dealing with these young criminals and if anyone has any further information they would be pleased to hear from them.”

John Jaines, who was at Hubbard’s Hills with his running club on the night, also condemned what he saw.

“They were boozed up and you have to ask why they do it, and where they got the booze from,” he said.

Lincolnshire PCSOs attended the scene at around 5.20pm on the night and said they ‘identified a group of teenagers suspected of involvement in anti-social behaviour in the town’.

Force communications officer Nerys McGarry said the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Louth had visited the school that the suspects attend the following day to issue an unacceptable behaviour warning letter.

But Mr Leonard stressed that there would be no quick fix for the bridge.

“In the meantime the trust will be sitting down to discuss how we can finance a new bridge and what design would best fit in with our plans for the Hills,” he said.

“Unfortunately the work cannot take place overnight, so the thoughtless actions of a very few young local youths will cause disruption for a length of time and we do apologise to all our supporters for the delays which will inevitably occur.”