Video: Saltfleetby Parish Council chairman brands crime panel exclusion ‘a disgrace’

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The chairman of Saltfleetby Parish Council says she feels ‘disappointed’ by an apparent error which left members of the public unable to watch a high-profile crime panel meeting.

Members of the public have labelled the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel a ‘shambles’ after they were inadvertently excluded from an extraordinary meeting on Thursday.

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The meeting at East Lindsey District Council’s Manby HQ was organised to enable the panel to agree to form a taskforce to investigate the suspension of chief constable Neil Rhodes in February.

But when the meeting closed drama ensued as members of the public were brought into the chamber at 1.15pm, moments after it had been drawn to a close.

Cheryl Warwick from Saltfleetby, the chairman of the village parish council, said after the meeting: “We’d sat all that time waiting to get into what is an important meeting and they forgot about it, I think it’s a total disgrace.

“Not to have heard the proceedings, especially how important the subject was, makes me very disappointed.”

Chairman of the panel Councillor Ray Wootten apologised to the furious members of the public for the error.

The meeting was swiftly organised after the suspension of Neil Rhodes by Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick was quashed in High Court, however neither were present at the meeting on Thursday.

Watch the video to hear Cheryl Warwick’s thoughts.