Woman with ‘appalling record of thefts’ stole from Boots in Louth

A Grimsby University student went to Louth in November and stole three perfume gift sets from the town’s Boots store.

Jade Delaney, 24, of Albion Street, admitted the theft when she appeared before magistrates at Skegness on Tuesday.

The court was told Delaney was subject to a conditional discharge imposed in November last year and a six week suspended prison sentence imposed in December, all for shoplifting.

Defending, Lauren Fisher said that both those sentences had been imposed after this offence of shoplifting and, had the court known about it at the time, the sentence would not have been any greater.

She told the magistrates that Delaney was in the second year of a business management degree course.

The magistrates told Delaney she had an ‘appalling record of thefts’, but agreed she would not have received a higher sentence if the court had known last December.

She was ordered to pay £75 compensation to Boots and no other penalty.

“Unless you’re before a court, keep your hands in your pockets,” she was told.