Cute kittens are left for dead in a box at roadside near Louth

The kittens are now being care for at Star Cat Rescue in West Barkwith.
The kittens are now being care for at Star Cat Rescue in West Barkwith.

A number of cute kittens were boxed up and left for dead at the roadside near to Withcall, Louth last week.

They were found by a motorist on August 14 on the Bluestone Heath Road on the way to Cadwell Park, just before the turning to Donington on Bain.

The kittens were rushed over to local fosterer, Maureen Wraight, who said she feared they would die.

She told the Leader: “The kittens were brought to us at around 8.30pm on the Monday (August 14) and they looked like they weren’t going to make it.”

Maurren said she believes they were most likely to have born on that day because the mother usually chews off the umbilical cords - but they were still attached, and the kittens were very tiny.

In the hope of keeping the kittens alive, Maureen introduced them to a feral cat that she already had in her care.

And luckily, the cat has taken them on as her own and is currently feeding and grooming them.

Maureen believes that the kittens are lucky to be alive and added that they didn’t need to be put into such a stressful position in the first place.

“There is no need for anything like this anymore,” she added.

“All the big organisations can help these days, they don’t need to be dumped by the roadside like they were.”

Maureen is a fosterer for the Star Cat Rescue, which is based in West Barkwith. It is currently run by Julie Platt.

She said that they are going to look at going back to where the kittens were found to see if they can find out any more information about what had happened to them.

For now, the kittens will stay with Maureen in East Barkwith as the Star Cat Rescue is currently full.

If anyone would like to make a donation to help them look after the kittens, they can donate at The Black Sheep Vets in Louth, clearly stating it is on behalf of the Star Cat Rescue.

Or alternatively, you can contact the Star Cat Rescue who have a page on Facebook.