D-day looms for ‘first phase’ of 240-home plans in Louth

The five-phase development for land off Grimsby Road in Louth.
The five-phase development for land off Grimsby Road in Louth.

The first phase of a controversial plan to build 240 homes on land off Grimsby Road is set to be determined by planners tomorrow (Thursday).

The outline plans for the 240 homes was granted approval by ELDC’s planning committee in July 2016, after securing a Section 106 agreement which includes extra care accommodation for the elderly, and a contribution towards education provision.

The approval for the development on this site - which is allocated for housing in the new Local Plans - was granted in spite of dozens of objections from 
neighbouring residents, and staunch opposition from Louth Town Council.

These objections centred around increased traffic problems from an estimated 1,200 additional vehicles, leading to further concerns over road safety in the area.

Further concerns related to drainage, loss of privacy, and the general impact upon local infrastructure.

However, no concerns were raised by other consultees including Natural England, Lincolnshire Police, or the county council’s highways department.

The planning application being brought before ELDC’s planning committee this week relates to ‘phase one’ of the five phases of development, which consists of 36 detached houses and 22 pairs of semi-detached houses (80 new homes in total).

The committee will make a decision on the ‘reserved matters’ of this first phase of development, including the design and appearance of the properties, the construction of estate roads, alterations to existing vehicular access, and site landscaping.

An ELDC planning officer has recommended the plans for approval with conditions.

The reasons for the recommendation include the fact that the principle has been agreed at the outline stage, the site is allocated for housing development within the new Local Plan, the designs and layout are deemed to be acceptable, and the application is in line with local and national planning policies.

However, in August, Louth Town Council lodged further objections to the ‘phase one’ development, claiming that some neighbouring residents said they had not been properly informed about the application.

The town council added that some residents also feel that certain agreements and promises made at the time outline permission was granted - such as minimising overlooking, overshadowing, and loss of privacy - did not appear to have been kept.

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