David Ford co-opted on to Louth Town Council

New Louth Town Councillor, David Ford.
New Louth Town Councillor, David Ford.

David Ford has been chosen as the new co-opted councillor for Trinity Ward on Louth Town Council, following the departure of Julie Speed who stood down in August.

Councillor Ford, 57, was formally co-opted by the town council last Tuesday evening.

Married with two sons, Coun Ford said he is motivated by a desire to help make Louth an even better place - building on what is already a ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Wolds.

Coun Ford volunteers for Louth Museum and manages the hospice bookshop in Aswell Street, in addition to his role as a community gardener for Low Carbon Louth.

He is also well known for helping to set up the ‘Litter Free Louth’ group, which has collected over 400 sacks of litter around Louth since it was formed earlier this year.

Coun Ford said: “I am honoured to be able to represent Trinity Ward and look forward to working with the town council team to help make Louth an even better place to live and work.”

Coun Ford is the Louth Conservative Party’s branch deputy chairman (political), but added: “Whilst I have my own political views, I believe that collaboration and compromise is more helpful than the conflict that can sometimes come from ideological differences.”

He said his priorities include supporting all residents in their aspirations; acting with all three councils representing Louth to help tackle deprivation; helping to improve the street scene; and helping to be a part of what he refers to as the ‘vital link’ that a town council can provide in bringing all organisations and individuals together.

Coun Ford can be contacted by calling 07730 304334.

The town council was able to co-opt a new councillor at no cost, instead of holding an election (which would have been likely to cost over £3,000), as fewer than 10 electors came forward to request an election take place.