Day care centre in Sutton on Sea is set to close

THE St Barnabas Hospice day centre in Trusthorpe Road, Sutton on Sea is set to close this Autumn and the building will be sold.

The centre has been open since 1994, aiming to offer active care to people suffering from cancer and their families as well as to gain support from fellow patients. The care came through a combination of activities including nursing care, physiotherapy and counselling.

The money saved from the centre will be directed back into the charity through increased maintenance and repairs.

St Barnabas Chief Executive Sarah-Jane Mills said: “We will continue to ensure every pound of income we receive goes as far as possible.

“Day care services will continue to be provided to East Lindsey people but, like many other types of care and support we offer, in more modern and better ways.

“We are a people organisation and what we do is about care - it is not about bricks and mortar.”

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