Debate over New Pocklingtons shop colour scheme

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The Pocklinton’s Bakery shop in Louth Market Place has been painted bright green to ‘liven up the town’.

Howeever the company has had a letter from East Lindsey District Council asking them to change it as it does not conform with the look of the town.

Pocklington’s wants to hear from the residents of Louth and get their thoughts, positive or otherwise, and start a debate about shop front colour schemes in small market towns like Louth.

Senior Conservation Officer at the Council, Rob Walker, said: “As Louth is an historic town, it is important that the shops have a degree of unity and use colours that are right for their age and character. The group in which Pocklington’s shop is located is particularly sensitive as it is a set piece with the Market Hall and their appearance is important to the character of the area. We have contacted Pocklingtons in relation to their new colour scheme - lime green - and we are working together to find a new colour, which is more in-keeping with the local area.”

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