Decision time over Louth footpath controversy

A GOVERNMENT appointed planning inspector will decide if a sealed off footpath running from High Holme Road to Kiln Lane and Northgate in Louth is a public right of way.

In 2007, after claims of abuse and vandalism, a resident whose garden runs alongside the path erected a fence to seal it off.

The path is not referred to as a public right of way on any maps but has been listed as an ‘occupation lane’ on deeds.

Louth Town Council applied to Lincolnshire County Council for it to be listed as a public right of way on ordnance maps.

A two-day enquiry was held at Louth Town Hall earlier this month and a decision could take up to nine weeks.

Part of the decision will hinge on proving whether or not the pathway was in constant use for the 20 year period between 1987 and 2007.

The verdict will decide whether it is a right of way or not, or whether modifications to an existing order can be made, possibly via a gate or bridleway.