Demolished bus depot creates 40 new spaces at Morrisons in Louth

Up to 40 extra car parking spaces will be created at the Morrisons supermarket in Louth after a disused building behind it was flattened.

The former Stagecoach bus depot off Monks’ Dyke Road, at the rear of the store, had been out of use for a number of years, so the bulldozers were drafted in to knock it down last week.

This is part of Morrisons plans to provide 40 extra parking spaces at their store in Eastgate.

At present it is undecided whether the extra spaces will be used by staff or customers, but the company have confirmed that the corresponding number will be made available for customers.

The work to create the new parking spaces should take around three more weeks to complete.

The Leader understands Morrisons have been exploring plans to expand their store, however a spokesperson said yesterday that currently their only expansion plans were to extend the car park.

The store was opened in July 2009 when Morrisons bought the store, which was formerly a Somerfield.

Readers on our Facebook page welcomed the news of the new parking spaces, but there were some suggestions that people would like to see Morrisons build a petrol station at the back of their store.

At present the town has two petrol stations, in Newmarket and Grimsby Road, and BP are believed to be planning to build one on the industrial estate.

Leii Marriott said on Facebook: “It should be a petrol station, seems they give out petrol vouchers but you have to use that amount of petrol to get to a Morrisons petrol station in Grimsby/Skegness/Lincoln.”

Zoe Bunting, also on Facebook, said she feared that if free parking is scrapped in Louth (see front page) that ‘Morrisons car park will be used more than ever’.

June Hallam said she would welcome an extension to the Morrisons supermarket. “Not enough choice in Louth,” she said.

Karl Kay suggested that an unmanned petrol station would be a good idea, and Ashley Krohnen agreed arguing that a new petrol station would bring down prices at Louth’s other petrol stations.

Becky Kettle wrote on the Leader Facebook page that she’d like to see the new car parking spaces designated for parents and children.

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