Denis Borman

THE funeral service for Denis Borman was held at Alford Crematorium on February 18.

The service was conducted by The Rev Sue Oliver and arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc V Walker of Louth).

Mourners: Beryl Borman wife, Joan Davis sister, Valerie Short daughter, Denise Swift daughter, Peter Swift son-in-law, Lesley Short daughter, Tim Brewster, Karl Borman son, Jane Borman daughter-in-law, Rachel Gutherson granddaughter, Paul Gutherson grandson-in-law, James-Lee Coddington grandson, Vicky Coddington granddaughter-in-law, Nikki Bemrose granddaughter, Fiona Chisholme granddaughter, Chris Green, Louise Borman granddaughter, Martin Borman grandson, Matthew Borman grandson, Emily Short granddaughter, Ellis Short grandson, Margaret Pinn niece, Paul Pinn, Steven Davis nephew, Sharon Brown, Ivy Short, Roy Wildridge and Susan Wildridge, David Hicks and Maxine Hicks, Michael Coddington (also representing Jean Coddington), Tony Coddington, Gill Blyth (also representing the Blyth family), Neville Atkinson and Clarice Atkinson (also representing Ian Atkinson), Kaye Atkinson, Angie Doore, Sue Southerton, Gordon Parratt and Janet Parratt, Annette Chamberlain, Mr and Mrs Adlard, Geordie Dunn (also representing Push Ha’penny League), Alan Dunn, Margaret Hutchinson (also representing Dave Hutchinson).