Denis Sydney Larder

The FUNERAL service for the late Denis Sydney Larder, aged 76 years, was held on Monday, September 5 at Alford Crematorium.

The service was conducted by Ian Chisholm.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Ltd, Louth.

Family mourners: Mrs Ivy Larder wife, Mr Trevor Larder son, Mrs Deborah Storr daughter, Miss Victoria Larder granddaughter, Mr and Mrs Ron and Trisha Larder brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Neil, Lou Pawson niece, Miss Sue Larder niece, Mr and Mrs Leslie and Brenda Taylor, Mr Darren Larder nephew, Mr and Mrs Ken and Sheila Larder brother and sister-in-law (also representing Rick and Marilyn Bennett niece), Mrs Brenda Smart Cousin (also representing the Smart family), Mrs Chris Brook cousin (also representing Brian Brook), Liz Hills cousin, Mr and Mrs Steve and Jane Larder nephew, Mr Simon Larder great-nephew, Mr and Mrs Arthur and Lucy Larder brother and sister-in-law, Miss Katherine Dixon great-niece (also representing Mr and Mrs John and Lyn Mellin niece), Miss Kerry Dixon great-niece, Mr and Mrs Nigel and Karen Larder nephew, Mr and Mrs Dave and Lorna Larder nephew, Mr John Storr, Mr Tim Broughton cousin (also representing Derek and Ursula Broughton) cousin, Mrs Janet Glennon cousin (also representing Paddy Glennon), Mr Roy Hill, Mr and Mrs Adrian and Loraine Thornley niece, Miss Karen Brader niece, Mrs Mandy Lill niece, Mr and Mrs Ray and Ann Mumby, Mr and Mrs Andrew and Maureen Plaskitt brother-in-law and sister, Mr James Storr grandson.

Other mourners: Mrs Ruby Clarke (also representing Hazel and Charles Hunt), Marie and Ray Bishell, Karen and Rick Reeson, Mr and Mrs Allison and family (South Reston), Mrs Beryl Johnson, Mr Harry Speck, Mr and Mrs John and Kate Feneley, Mr and Mrs George and Sheila Vickers, Mrs Hazel Wright (also representing David Wright), Mr and Mrs Colin and Helen Craggs (also representing Mr and Mrs Graham and Loraine Craggs), Mr Alan Stovin, Mr David Stovin, Mr and Mrs Margaret and Mick Stones, Miss June Baldock, Mr and Mrs Brian and Catherine Cox, Mrs Susan Richardson, Mr Reg Harrison, Mr and Mrs Steve and Jan Hurley, Mr and Mrs Roland and Sheila Fiddling, Mrs Jackie Clarke (also representing Martin Clarke), Mrs Audrey Tuk, Miss Marilyn Bean, Mr and Mrs Michael and Betty Mountain, Miss Michelle Mountain, Mrs Pat Monk, Mr Michael Baldock, Mrs Phyllis Parsons (also representing Sue Scott), Mr and Mrs Graham and Ali Heath, Mr and Mrs Ray and Pat and Troop family, Mr and Mrs Peter and Maureen Wykes (also representing Stuart and Pam Perkins, Mr and Mrs Maurice and Joan Sleaford, Mr Martin Sleaford, Mr Ken Sleaford, Mr and Mrs M and G Waumsley, Mr Pete West (also representing Eric and Nellie Cook), Ann, John and Stacey Wells (also representing Gary and Julie Wells), Mr Gordon Storr, Nigel Reilly and Carol Jacklyn (also representing Wagon and Horses), Mr Fred Storr, Mr John Lill, Miss Jennifer Addison, Mr and Mrs Phil and Tina Addison, Mr and Mrs Gordon and Susanne Miall, Mr Paul Bishell, Mr Tom Whitworth, Mr David Borril, Mrs Sue Lovesey (also representing Nicky Lovesey), Mr Ivor Lovesey, Mr Alec Lovesey, Mr Ian Dennis.