Depth markets for ford discussed at Asterby, Goulceby and Ranby Parish Council

COUN Richard D’Arcy presided at the meeting of Asterby, Goulceby and Ranby Parish Council in the absence of the chairman and he was joined by Councillors Dorothy Corcoran, John Benge, Keith Eddington and Robert Conway and the clerk Alice Hodgson.

Notices requesting dog owners not to foul public foot paths and footways had been obtained from Keep Britain Tidy and were to be laminated by Coun D’Arcy and displayed where permission was given and bin stickers had been obtained too. 
The clerk reported briefly on the East Lindsey Assembly which she had attended when speakers had given information on the Boundary Commission Review being undertaken in the district and of the requirements fro members of councils under the Localism Bill 2011.

Coun D’Arcy volunteered to attend the next meeting of the Horncastle Area Committee as the representative of the parishes.
The parishioners who had set up an informal committee to organise a celebration party for the Diamond Jubilee were complemented on what had been a very successful Big Jubilee Lunch in spite of the weather and they had also raised some money for charity as an added extra. 
The request to County Highways for depth markers at the ford had been referred to the Drainage Board and was not successful as the board has the responsibility for maintaining the watercourse only and had referred the issue back to Highways.

Coun Benge volunteered to set up a meeting with the Countryside Officer who had volunteered to meet the landowner concerned and clarify what was needed to comply with regulations and keep footpaths across fields open for public use where the adjoining land was cultivated.